In the years since the foundation of JURIS Law Firm we have successfully implemented a number of international projects.
    Among the most prominent activities of our international practice are:

    London Stock Exchange (Main Market & Alternative Investment Market)

    We make the arrangements to launch company shares on the London Stock Exchange list of quoted shares (in either of the above Markets).
    Entering the list of quoted shares of the London Stock Exchange share list is a mark of quality and a new international level for your company.
    Entry into the stock list specifically means that:
  • your company's corporate management is deemed to be up to international standards;
  • the market capitalization of your company is substantial;
  • your company has become transparent, therefore much more attractive for investors.
  •     JURIS's charges, while for services of consistent quality, are more attractive than those of large international legal and accounting entities.
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        Trusts of Jersey (Great Britain)

        The creation of a classic English Trust in one of the most well-known and stable offshore locations in the world allows our Clients to transfer their Asset Management to a reliable trustee abroad.
        The Trust will let you:
  • optimize the burden of taxation;
  • protect your assets against financial, tax or political risk;
  • maintain the confidentiality of your company and/or property owners;
  • carry out long-term planning.
  •     It should me noted that the level of trust confidentiality rate will be substantially higher than that of standard offshore business arrangements.
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        Netherlands and Cyprus

        We provide a wide range of services associated with business arrangements in the Netherlands, the Dutch Antilles and in Cyprus.
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